Energy Audits

Understanding your energy usage is one thing, actually making changes and/or improvements to your home is the next step. This takes a willingness to make an investment in dollars and time to make our homes more energy efficient. Of course, we all want to make wise investments and use of our money. To help you with making wise decisions, the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives have partnered with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to provide access to the Home Energy Saver Website created by the Laboratory.

Link to Online Energy Audit

This energy audit tool allows you to input information about you home and appliances and will guide you towards making wise decisions. Access to the Home Energy Saver program is made available through Touchstone Energy and is no cost to cooperative members. Should you have questions regarding the information provided you through the Home Energy Saver or how best to make the recommended improvements, feel free to contact the Cooperative at any time.

What about my heating and cooling costs? 

The cost to space condition (heat/cool) a home is influenced by five factors:

  • The thermostat setting
  • The temperature outside
  • The quality of the insulation and air tightness of the home
  • The efficiency of the heating/cooling system
  • The cost of the energy used by the heating/cooling system

You have control over all of these factors except one, the temperature outside. The other four items can be changed to some degree or other by you, the homeowner. An energy audit will help you evaluate these four factors. If you increase your attic insulation or put in a new heating system, how will that change your usage? And, is it a good investment? These are the types of questions an audit will help you answer.

For more information on energy audits, contact the cooperative at 575-356-4491.



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