Interconnect Policy

Concern for the environment and increased cost of energy has caused some members to consider installing generation equipment to replace all or some of the electricity provided by their energy supplier. RCEC encourages member generation of electricity (sometimes called distributed generation) when it can be done in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Before making the decision to purchase distributed generation equipment, members should consider the economics of purchasing the equipment and whether it will lower their monthly power costs. 

Properly planned and operated distributed generation can provide consumers and society with a wide variety of benefits, including economic savings, improved environmental performance, and greater reliability. The interconnection of distributed generation with the electric grid continues to pose genuine safety and reliability risks, both for RCEC employees and the general public. These distributed generation policies are not a complete description or listing of all laws, ordinances, rules or regulations, nor or they intended to be an installation or safety manual. Please contact the Engineering Department of the Cooperative before beginning a distributed generation project.

The Member requesting to interconnect a distributed generation facility to the Cooperative’s electric system is responsible for and must follow, in addition to all provisions of the policies and agreements below, the Cooperative’s rules and regulations for electric service, the Cooperative’s line extension policy, the policies and procedures of the Cooperative’s power supplier when applicable, the current IEEE 1547 Standard Guide for Distributed Generation Interconnection, other applicable IEEE standards, all applicable ANSI standards, all applicable National Electric Code and/or National Electric Safety Code standards.

NOTE: RCEC reserves the right, at any time, to amend any part of this guideline/policy including, without limitation, the type, amount or application of any distribution charges, penalties or rebates set out in this guideline. This guideline is intended as a summary only and is not intended to be a statement of RCEC's rights and obligations in relation to distributed generation.

Interconnection Manual

Interconnection Application for 10 kw or less 

Interconnection Application for greater than 10 kw

Interconnection Agreement 

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