Power Outages

RCEC has people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and outages.  The phone number to call after hours, on holidays and weekends is (575) 356-4492.  During normal work hours, please call the office at (575) 356-4491 and the customer service representative will relay your message onto the appropriate service truck in your area.

If your power goes out: 

●  Activate your contingency plan for consumers with medical needs/disabilities

●  Check your breaker panel and any outdoor disconnects to make sure the outage isn’t due to a tripped breaker.

●  Call you neighbors to see if their power is off too.  This will help us to determine if the outage is just your home or somewhere on our lines.

●  Once the first three items have been confirmed, contact RCEC to report your outage.

If the light in your yard or your street goes out, it is your responsibility to call RCEC and report it.  If you have more than one light, please try and describe the location of the light to the representative that takes your call.  Most of our utility poles have a unique 5-digit number on them that will make it easier for us to locate. 

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