As a member of the cooperative, you have certain rights and responsibilities set forth in the cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, by which you are bound.  Without attempting to summarize all these matters, the most important is your right to exercise the privilege of voting; as a cooperative, we earnestly solicit your active participation.  Our business and affairs are managed by a Board of Trustees, elected by and from our membership.

In addition, the cooperative is subject to the general jurisdiction of the New Mexico Public Regulations Commission (“Commission”).  Because of this regulation, we are required to implement certain procedures and to advise you concerning certain information.  This notice is being provided in accordance with the Commission’s NMPRC Rule 410 and only applies to residential customer services.

We summarize below many of the principal areas covered by the NMPRC Rule 410 and our tariffs approved by the Commission.  We have on file and will provide access to a copy of the NMPRC Rule 410 and our current applicable rates, rules and regulations.  We can furnish you with other helpful information.  The summary is only that, and if you have questions or desire to see the bylaws, rules and regulations and tariffs applicable to your service, please ask a member of our management team.

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